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~CHICAGO DEC 12-19th




(Home Base)

Through Dec 10th


Flexible any day of the week,
with ample notice.

Review my CALENDER, if in doubt about my wear-abouts, it reflects accuretly. 



Same day bookings are only avaible to established clients and new clients who have already pre screened. So new clients please be sure to fill out my secure form, in advance so to make booking effortless and swift. 



FULLY VACCINATED, boosted(1/5/22) and a flu shoot back in Oct 2021. Second booter June 15th


I am still however, am taking extra precautions with disinfecting my entire space (doorknobs, surfaces, etc.) to maintain a sanitary environment. Please feel free to request I wear a mask if that helps you feel more at ease.

As real CMT, and Esthetician, I am one of the more health/safety-conscious providers you'll meet, and I can offer you detailed reasons why you should feel comfortable paying a visit.

Senuality & sexuality cause us to lurch towards what’s enticing. Part of my intent is to tease and coax this desire out of you, but within the context of a pandemic, I urge you to take a measured, carefully-weighed, cautious approach when you engage in high-contact scenarios. Concerts, swingers parties, bars, hooking up, sports games, etc. 


Call Natalia { 415-754-5014 }

[email protected]

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I am a Sensual Artist and Empathic healer of the highest calibre.
And, as you will most certainly discover, I love my work!

Let me share my gifts and extensive training
in the Sacred-Sensual Arts
with you.

Everyone needs to be touched.
It keeps us healthy and balanced.




I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Tantric Educator, Certified Elysium by @Bondassage Practitioner, but first and farmost I am a Sensual Wellness Artist & Healer.

I represent the sensual arts from a reverant passionate, honorable place. 


More About Me …


I’m a rare and beautiful mix of Mediterranean and Caucasian heritage. I’m American born, but you may sense a little accent, as I was raised bilingual. Because of my mixed heritage, I am dynamically cultured and well traveled.

My olive-toned skin has a luminous quality and my dark, raven brown hair flows freely down my back.

I’ve been blessed with naturally classic beauty with an intoxicating exotic edge. Strong, yet soft, voluptuous, mature. I greatly appreciate the womanly shape and curves of my body and I am certain you will you too. 

I’m playful, soft, kind, seductive and flirtatious. Most people I know would describe me to have qualities such as: A healer, passionate, genuine, captivating, and down the earth. I love beautiful things as any woman does; flowers, plants, lingerie, perfume, art, gourmet cusine, silks & chasmere, gems & jewls, fine bed linens, beautiful furniture, antiques and collectables, crystal, brass, silver, wood and porciline, travel and try to surround myself  in envoiorments with the things, as well as people that make life worth living. 

Nature, Health, Beauty & Music are the biggest influences in my life and have been for as long as I can remember.

You will find me ever elegant, always graceful, warm, and generous of heart.

Whether you are searching for CMT massage, Tantra, Elysium, Bondassage, or a companion to go to dinner and a show with, I am versatile and can adapt to your desires.

 Journey with me and be forever transformed,

Natalia Gabriella Knight



Call Natalia { 415-754-5014 }

[email protected]


A Note about Privacy and Discretion:
My website is hosted by a company that has their servers in Holland. When you contact me via email or through my secure screening form, your information is encrypted and safe.




Special Note: I know many fellow Tantric and Bondassage/Elysium Practitioners, who are frequently in Chicago & Boston. Many of my colleagues are also in California.

I not only recommend the following, I come highly recommended by TS Rachel Smith, Maya Azul, Leela Devi, The Villainelle AKA(Parker Penn) Eva Lane, Bella Joy, Chloe Snow, And CMT Savannah. I also highly recomend you see these ladies. They are of the divine. 

If you have seen them, be sure to let me know that!


If you are a new client, please fill out my
 Intake Booking Form.





Name: Natalia Knight
Main City: San Francisco, CA
Sex: Female
Body Type: Curvy
Measurements: 36C-30-40
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 145 lbs
Race/Ethnic: Mixed
Availability: Incalls/Outcalls
1st Language: English
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Length: Long
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: No
Likes: Impeccable hygiene, humor, chivalry, generosity
Available to: Men/Couples

Offerings & Rates


My REGAL BLISS signature session, is mix of FBSM, light Swedish massage as well as feather light erotic touch to heighten all senses. I blend massage styles with full body therapeutic, yet sensual flowing strokes, moving the energy continuously around your body.

While this session is lovely, my preferance is to share my TANTRIC practice and my advanced modalites with the world. See below. 

(Regal Bliss is only offered in the Bay area, not while touring)


A qualitatively different experience than a shorter session which gives us plenty of time for a meet and greet, more connection and CMT Masssage. 


 1.5 hour Regal Bliss Massage -375

(Regal Bliss is only offered in the Bay area, not while touring) 

Dose NOT include any advanced massage modalities, mutual touch or prostate work. If you are seeking a more engaged exp, see my Tantric offerings.


I do not offer one hour sessions. 

My offerings cannot be practiced in a hour. 

To experience full body sensations and riding waves of pleasure,
I recommend at least a 75/90min/2 hour TANTRIC sessions.


 ***Outcalls add $50-150(depending on distance) travel fee for time, mileage, gas, and parking.




                             FULL BODY SENSUAL TANTRA MASSAGE

Tantric Sensual Massage: Tantric Bodywork & Somatic Therapy combines the sensual massage principles(swedish, deep tissue, lomi  lomi) with tantric elements.


This slow sensual experience is spent surfing the waves of pleasure. All Tantric work, is met at your level of comfort and receptivity. Importantly, it is orchestrated in a way, that meets each person’s individual needs, and desires.

 Body to Body & Prostate Work is only offered in longer sessions, and at my discretion

90-120mins only. See Below! 

The Tantra sessions is normally a 90min minimum experience.  90-min tantra is a perfect introductory/1st time session to give a you the basics and help you understand what tantra is all about, if you resonate with it and begin to experience an energetic body awakening.  2-3 hr tantra sessions dive deep into the realm of true tantric healing and focus on re-sensitizing, mastering energetic control as well as elongating the eb & flow of tantric wave pattern.



 A brief seventyfive minute mini introduction to basic Tantric principles paired with CMT massage, FBSM, intuitive bodywork. Relax with me and experience my amazing touch and our synchronized connection.


 SF/Oakland Bay Area

75 minutes - 350


Boston & Chicago 

75 minutes - 400



add $50



 Body to Body 



This ninety minute Introduction session offers more interaction and breathwork to prolong sensation, CMT massage,  intuitive body and energy work. Experience a heightened state of erotic awareness incorporating sensory stimulation.


Can include prostate awareness and B2B

*RESPECTFUL MUTUAL TOUCH(within reason)ALLOWED anyting forced will not be welcomed, and can potentially end your session short. 


 SF/Oakland Bay Area

1.5 hours - 400


Boston & Chicago 

1.5 hours - 450



add $50



 Body to Body






 ***Outcalls add $50-150(depending on distance) travel fee for time, mileage, gas, and parking.







The King's Retreat (two hour Time to enjoy Tantra session) will pamper all levels of your being. 

An advanced exploration into the Tantric arts, this session offers a full-body CMT tantra experience of sustained pleasure. Enjoy our sensually inspiring connection for two hours (or more!), and deeply dive into the sacred space of bliss with me!

Includes intimacy exercises, prostate awareness (if desired),
sacred bath ceremony (if desired).

The ultimate in sensory/sensual exploration.

No holding back, full body surrender.


SF/Oakland Bay Area

2 hours - 500

2.5 hours - 600

3 hours - 700


Boston & Chicago  

2 hours - 550

2.5 hours - 650

3 hours - 800


Includes prostate awareness (if desired),
sacred bath ceremony (if desired).



Meetings 4 hours and longer must include a small meal and/or a public outing






 ***Outcalls add $50-150(depending on distance) travel fee for time, mileage, gas, and parking.


Add on any of the following:

 Eye gazing

Guided Breathwork, Pranayama

Chakra Toning/Balancing

Singing bowl Sound Healing 

Edging, Taoist's Ejaculation control Technique

Prostate Awareness & massage

Pelvic floor release work

Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation healing

Sacred Ecstatic Bodywork

Intimacy Coaching

Nutritional Consulting for [Sexual] Vitality

Full Day Personal Tantric Retreat 


Sacred Spot Massages & Pelvic floor work:  By request 90/120 minute minimum session 
The male G-spot, or sacred spot, is a highly charged area. It is undoubtedly another pleasure center, but often times also holds tension, numbness and unprocessed emotional and psychological wounds from the past. Gentle, loving, and superbly slow touch will bring ease and blood flow to this area, increasing connection and expanding your capacity for new sensation and enjoyment.

Impeccable hygiene is a prerequisite for this service. 


Bath Ritual: By request 2 hour minimum session
With an extended session you will be immersed in a bath of warm water with essential oils, sea salts and soft bubbles while you’re gently bathed in the Asian style of a Tantric Bath Ceremony. I will lovingly pour water over your entire body, massage your neck and shoulders, and apply acupressure to relieve aching muscles and stress. We’ll take deep relaxing breaths to assist your body in complete surrender and direct your focus inward, quieting the mind. This is often included in an extended session.







A slower, softer version of Bondassage (the focus is on devastatingly slow, connected, innovative sensual massage) ~ Elysium stretches your erotic boundaries, transporting you to new realms of pleasure.

Focusing on your sole satisfaction, using a unique combination of ancient esoteric massage techniques, Elysium combines a mesmerizing sequence of extraordinary touches, enticing all of the senses.


Expertly controlling your state of blissful relaxation, Elysium provides a multi-dimensional experience designed to expand your sensory boundaries.

Elysium focuses the senses, alternating soft brush strokes, excruciatingly slow massage and expert caresses with soft, silk ropes, and  soft sensory focusing tools. Elysium brings you the ultimate sensual experience.

“In Greek mythology, only those specially favored by the gods entered Elysium and were made immortal …”


Suspend Time. Transcend Reality.
Experience Elysium.


Oakland/SFBay Area

1.5 hours  - 500


Boston & Chicago

1.5 hours - 600





 Designed for massage enthusiasts seeking the ultimate test of self control.

Can you hold on for this amount of bliss?
I'll take you to new and untried peaks.


Oakland/SF Bay Area 

2 hours - 600

2.5 hours - 650

3 hours - 750


Boston & Chicago  

2 hours - 650

2.5 hours - 700

3 hours - 800





Meetings 4 hours and longer must include a small meal and/or a public outing







 ***Outcalls add $50-150(depending on distance) travel fee for time, mileage, gas, and parking.





Coaching Sessions



Life Style rehab: Fashion rehab, skin care, and scent(colonge) consulting, yoga, breathwork, fitness/ health, interior design, organizational, relationship/dating coaching. Shamanic plant medicine work. 

Consent training, sensual touch training. 

Sex ed & sex-positivity

Non-monogamy Poly, and alternative relationships coaching

Unlearning misogynistic thought and behavior patterns rooted in patriarchy

FOR SEX WORKERS/EROTIC WORKERS ONLY: Copy editing, coaching on how to date as a SWer, skill-sharing, safety & security practices, Q&A. Inquire for rates.






If you are a new client, please fill
out my Screening Form.





Calendar & Schedule

My schedule is as follows:

Sunday-Thursday. Oakland, Ca.






While I have a set schedule, it may vary from time to time. This is based on demand, my travel, weather, conventions, ballgames, holidays etc.





If you are a new client, please fill out my Screening Form.




Contact Me


There are several ways to get in touch with me.


The form below makes information-gathering a cinch, and it’s my preferred contact method for new friends.

New Clients:
If you are a new client, please fill out my Secure Booking/Intake Form and I will contact you.


(unblocked numbers only, please no text on inital contact)

Especially best to call, for a same day appointment(but sure to have already submitted my intake booking form) If I am unable to take your call, please leave a detailed voicemail. Also, indicate if its ok to call you back, or not! 


 This email will get to me:

[email protected]



Current Availability/Schedule:
Simply scroll down to the next section to see my calendar for available days and corresponding locations. 

Be sure to look at the calendar, as it is updated daily and reflects my most accurate availability.


A Note about Privacy and Discretion:

My website is hosted by a company that has their servers in Holland. When you contact me via email or through my secure screening form, your information is encrypted and safe as I use Protonmail which is based in Switzerland. 



By contacting me with the intent to work with me, you hereby understand and agree that …

Money exchanged in legal personal services for this appointment and entertainment is simply for time and educational purposes. Nothing else is ever offered nor implied. Anything that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of prostitution and no fees will ever be accepted for illegal activity. I do reserve the right to decline appointments as I deem necessary. Legal Notice: With reference to CA Penal Code section 647(b) and CALJIC No. 16.420, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either: (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) Solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration.






I'm ready to book
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Trainings & Certifications

My Training …


I have trained in various massage modalities, energy and breathwork, Kundalini yoga, Tantric principles, Shri-vidya Tantra, Shamanic principles, Sexological/Somatic Bodywork, and ERT (Emotional Release Techniques).

 Certified in both Bondassage® and Elysium by Bondassage®, I am excited to offer these incredibly exciting modalities to you. With decades of experience in the sensual and erotic arts, I take great pride and honor in my work, the art, and its craft!

I pride myself in being evolved in my practice especially of the Tantric Text, Human sexuality, Anatomy and physiology, the nervous system and its relation to sensual energy.

I am consistently seeking more knowledge, doing advanced trainings, workshops and working on myself through yoga therapy, meditation, nutrition and diet in order to be the best sensual coach I can be for you. 


In all my sessions, I incorporate elements of Sexological & Somatic bodywork. 


What is Sexological Bodywork? 

Sexological Bodywork is somatic sex education that utilizes a variety of bodywork techniques in order to encourage your whole erotic self to blossom.

As a Sexological Bodyworker, I am trained in breathwork, genital anatomy, masturbation coaching, sensual and erotic massage and scar tissue remediation.

I am an educator and a healer. My goal is to create a safe container within each session so that healing occurs and you are transported to a state of ecstatic bliss. 


Why Sexological Bodywork is beneficial:

Learn to communicate desire
Deepening your orgasm
Better orgasmic control
Learn new sexual techniques 
Pleasure mapping
G-spot exploration
Pelvic floor release work
Body acceptance
Shame release
Acceptance for all kinds of sexual desires


What is Somatics? 

Somatics is a form of  body therapy aimed at relieving and resolving the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental and physical trauma-related health problems by focusing on a client's perceived body sensations (or somatic experiences). 


The benefits of Somatic bodywork:

Less anxiety, & urgency
A greater ability to self regulate and modulate emotions
A clear, stable and confident self image
Richer and more satisfying relationships
Insight into the role played within your family system and how it relates to patterns and relationships with others
New choices around behaviour, responses and reactions
Increased skills in identifying and satisfying your own needs, emotionally, sexually etc.
Better self awareness
Developing the ability to 'feel' what is happening in your body
Greater creativity, spontaneity and emotional strength 
Awareness and respect for your own sexual boundaries and a a sexual partner




~ BA in Sociology, minor in Human Sexuality 2001


~ Advanced Bodyworker/CMT Through McKinnon Institute, Oakland Ca. 2002-2007


~ Level I Reiki Certification in 2002


~ Intimacy & Sensuality coaching ongoing studies 2009-current


~ Chakra Balancing/Kundalini Activation on going studies 2009-current


~ Several years in Sensual Arts, 1994-current


~ Dancer/Muse/Intuitive


~Five years with The Temple of Bliss as a Level 3 Shamanic Tantric Dakini 2009-2014


~ Level 1 Tantra training @ Love Journey, Evoking Divine Passion and Deepening into Sacred Love through Tantra, all workshops with Evalena Rose & Shakti Shen 2009


~One on one private full day Tantric Shamanic traning with Shivakti Shaktiva founder of The Temple Of Bliss,  in 2010


~ Level 2 Kundalini Tantra Training w/Luna Lauren, Luxsophia in 2011


~ Advanced Tantra Training with Psalm Isadora in India at DeviPuram Ashram. Vizag, India. Initiated by Guru Sri Amritananda 2011 into the Shri Vidya lineage of tantra. 


~ 7 day Shamanic Journey in Sedona 2012


~ Completed 200 hour Kama Yoga, & Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, with Psalm Isadora in 2015


~ Prostate Awareness, extensive home study of the physiology and metabolic functions of both male & female reproductive systems.


~ Extensive studies of the Parasympathetic vs. Sympathetic Nervous System and the role it plays in our sensual sensations during the buildup to, as well as the moment of orgasm.


~ Extensive study and research of the Endocrine system and its relation to the Chakras system, and the subtle body. 


~ Completed Somatic Sensual Healing of Men Training: Level 2 @ The Integrative Arts Institute 2017, Hosted by Luminessa Enjara and Francesca Gentille


~ Certified in Bondassage® and Elysium by Bondassage® in 2017


~ Readings by Mantak Chia, Daniel Odier, Margot Anand, Barbara Carrellas, Kalashtra Govinda, Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Osha.



To Be Very Clear: I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Tantric Educator, Certified Bondassage Practitioner, and Sensual Artist. I represent the sensual arts from a passionate, honorable place. The majority of my clients are business professionals who are respectful and discerning.






If you are a new client, please fill out my Screening Form.







All donations are preferred in cash, for my time only. 


24-48hours cancelation policy, anything less then that will accrue a 50% deposit to reschedule. 

 Gifts and gratuities at your discretion, but never expected. If you do decide to bring something, a bottle of wine or flowers is appreciated. 

Please ensure that your gifts are concealed in a discreet bag, so as to not draw any extra attention to the space.

Hot Shower and Fresh linens always available.



Regarding Scheduling:


Filling out the booking intake form is the most efficient and preferred method of initial contact and screening.


*** SCREENING IS MANDATORY and is treated with the utmost discretion. Be prepared to furnish work verification and/or at least 2 recent references.***


I honor 75 minute 90 minute, 2 hour and 3 hour sessions and up. I DO NOT offer one hour sessions. My work cannot be practiced in a hour. To experience a heightened sensory experience, I recommend the 90 min/2 hour sessions.




***Outcalls add $50-150(depending on distance) travel fee for time, mileage, gas, and parking.





Emails, text and phone communication:

As always, please be discreet when communicating via phone, text, or email.

Details and specifics of session will not be discussed via text or over the phone. If you have questions, but feel that it is not appropriate to ask in this way, please send the questions via a clear and detailed email.

I will do my best to respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible.



 Arriving to my space:

Specific instructions will be given for you to follow via text message or email once a date and time have been chosen for our meeting.

You will receive the cross streets, nearest to the space. You are to then to park your car and send a text message, or call and leave a voicemail stating that you have arrived.

When I am ready for you, I will respond with the details on how to get to the front door.

It is never appropriate to stand outside the front of the building. Either wait in your car, or across the street, until you have received the green light to enter the space.

If you cannot find the space, please walk across the street and give me a call, and I will direct you from there. As my practice is out of a home studio, being discreet around neighbors is a very much appreciated. 


I am very selective of whom I share my talents with, so we are both certain of a stellar session and only positive/favorable outcomes.



**Longer session upon request... 3.5 hours or more. Including dinner dates, outings, and travel.  


***Outcalls add $50-150(depending on distance) travel fee for time, mileage, gas, and parking.













What is required of you:

- ​Please fill out Screening & Verification prior to contacting me. You must provide truthful information regarding your personal information if not, I will not approve you​.

Sincerity and an open mind. Respect, manners and good hygiene are always appreciated.

I appreciate humor, intelligence, and gentlemanly manners. I assure you that I will provide you with the highest calibre treatment, with my full attention, loving touch and authentic presence. 



Please do not arrive early or ask to come earlier than the time we agreed upon, unless it is with enough time for me to adjust my schedule.

Kindly reserve greetings & goodbyes for inside my space (not in the hallway or as passing through the door). That way, we can maintain our privacy and discretion. 

Impeccable hygiene is desired. I request that my clients DO NOT wear strong cologne, or strong smelling synthetic deotarant. 

Please understand that as a TANTRIC FBSM practitioner, I do have certain boundaries. 









 What Clients Are Saying:

"She is a queen of her own league."

"Embodiment of true Sumerian nobility transcending all time with beguiling sensuality."

"She is a first class provider that is also a CMT."

“I finally understand how a man can utterly worship a woman.”

"Great in every way and excellent connection too... Natalia is a super nice, real person"

"Sensual, erotic, exotic FBSM CMT beauty with a tantra twist that is explosive."



"Natalia was wonderful. Very warm and welcoming. I’ve seen her twice, and looking forward to more! Her service lived up to the hype with a fantastic finale!!!!"

September, 2021 by LDG20


"I had the pleasure and honor of recently visiting with Natalia Gabriela Knight

I was greeted by a beautiful woman (her photos do not do her justice) in her very upscale luxurious private apartment.

As I was a newbie to Tantra, Natalia could feel my nervousness and anxiousness and she almost instantaneously began to make me feel at ease. During our time together, she displayed a nurturing , compassionate demeanor loaded with her sensuousness. There was no clock watching and in fact, we sat ,talked and connected so much in the beginning of the session that by the time we began the tantra practice, we had used up most of our time. But Natalia focused on the work at hand and never mentioned the time and even went beyond the time limits.

Being with her was not only enlightening but also filled with compassion. It was bittersweet to leave as I felt that my mind and body fully open and comforted but I knew I would begin to miss her the moment I stepped outside her safe nurturing environment.

Make sure you spend time with her when she is in your town-life altering for sure."

April, 2021 by 280MAN


"The first thing I noticed about her was how her skin has this gold shimmer.  She’s been spending a lot of time in Hawaii and she got a glow going. I've seen her twice before when I was on a business trips to San Francisco and she’s fire. 

She’s got more energy than ever. We still had the chemistry that was there before, except it was even better.  Her entire body is a tanned this deep caramel which is a good look in lingerie.  

She's got a very high bar when it comes to using common sense (covid)  without compromising the sensual flow of the session. You have nothing to worry about with her, she has very high standards when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, I tease her about it because she is that on it. These days it’s not easy to find someone I trust during these very strange times and I absolutely trust her."

 November, 2020 by BRUNO


"A warm and friendly woman with a wonderful aura and face that will put you at ease instantly. I was new to all of it and she was very easy to talk to and provided a great introduction to Tantra! Her knowledge is endless and very personable. It felt very comfortable and non-transactional. Would recommend!"
~ O., January 2018 


"Natalia is a stunning woman who completely captivated me. I finally got my chance to meet her yesterday in Chicago, while she was visiting. After many attempts to book a last minute appointment, I scheduled a week in advance because our schedules had finally synced up. I chose for the two hour Kings Retreat and It was easy to find her location in West Loop. While the pictures on her site are very sexy, I loved her look in person even more. She's exotic, yet refined- totally my type. She was definitely worth the wait and I will book with her again. This experience was far better than I expected."
~ Bruno, October, 2017


"I was visiting Chicago and found this gem was also in town. I had an amazing time with Natalia. Easy to set up a session thru email. Typical two-call and some texting. I had no problem finding her safe and secure space. Very passionate woman who loves what she does, lives it and has tremendous & spectacular skills to match her beauty. Worth the visit!! Guys, when in Chi-town...Natalia is your friendly confine!"
~ C.U., Oct 2017  



"I had an amazing time with Natalia. Very easy to set up a meeting via email. Easy two-call texting day of, no problem finding her. She is a sexy, passionate woman who lives what she does and has amazing skills. Can't wait until she's back in Chicago."
~RB, June 2017 



"Natalia answered the door in a sexy little dress. She is a real woman in her early 40s - not 18 and made of plastic - and she takes care of herself and it shows. She led me to the couch where'd she made food for us - we sat and talked for a bit to relax and get to know each other. She's witty, funny, sexy and very easy to talk to. Extremely passionate and knowledgeable about tantra. She took me into the next room with candles and a massage table. I undressed, we embraced, then I laid down and she gave me a terrific massage. Her CMT skills are legit. It was full of tantric breathing to help me relax into it - plus just the right amount of teasing. Again - Natalia is a sexy and intoxicating woman who loves what she does, and I can't wait until she's back in town. In fact, I might just need to come up with a reason to travel to SF so I can see her there. If you have a chance you see her, you won't be disappointed." 
~F.H. May 2017



"There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey. We are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve.

Natalia is one such person in my life. After reading her testimonials, and during a time of deep personal crisis and turmoil I reached out to her for a session. I knew I wanted to chart a new path in my life’s journey, but I did not know how to do that.

I did not have the emotional arsenal, nor did I understand my patterns and the process of how to change my responses to my circumstances. This is where Natalia's gift lies. She helps one develop skills to deal with the joys, the sorrows, relationships and everyday challenges that one faces in life.

After several sessions with Natalia, I have come to value and appreciate her expertise, insight, empathy and true dedication to her wellness profession. She tells it like it is when, and sometimes before, you are ready to hear it. Natalia has been extremely valuable in helping me identify and build on my strengths. With her support, I have also learned how to target areas to work on allowing for more personal growth.

Natalia is an integral part of my quest for a sound and healthy mind, body and spirit. I personally believe the cocktail for creating an emotionally healthy and successful life is maintaining 1) your balance, 2) gratitude for your blessings and 3) openness to new beginnings. I recommend Natalia without reservation, as she has been a true blessing in my life, helping me to maintain my balance and embrace my new beginnings."
~DT, April 2017




"As I stepped into her studio, Natalia was standing there a few inches away — waiting for me, her dark hair cascading over a silk and lace negligee through which I could see her beautiful form beneath. Her many dimensions transfixed me: Divine feminine, Egyptian princess, Mayan beauty. Her conversation was intelligent and serene, her knowledge of the ancient Hindu secrets of pleasure deep. With her touch, her sounds, her scent, her breath, she took me to a level of consciousness and sensation I hadn’t known before."
~ AC, Nov 2016




"Natalia is really warm and friendly. I found her witty and sarcastic humor to be charming as well. She's also very intelligent, something that I appreciate. She also took the time to connect with me emotionally and spiritually before the session, something that I appreciated a lot. She is not only gorgeous, but she is incredibly sweet and sensual. She puts everything into what she does, and definitely goes the extra mile."

~ CH, March 2016 




 "I found Natalia to be an extraordinary provider, she has done extensive self-study and a great variety of trainings, and her erotic presence is enhanced by exotic good looks and great curves. She excelled in her classical massage, making it much more than a token rubbing. She covered the range from pleasurably forceful to featherlight with deftly integrated strokes that played my body like a violin. And she showed the same awesome competence and power in her sensual touch."
~ HM, February 2016 




"My time with Natalia was amazing, we connected by phone first and she was very accommodating for my schedule. The ambiance was great, she is your girl next door with amazing looks (as advertised) and talking to her was a pleasure. She made the experience really personal. A definite repeat for me."
~ I.N., February 2016




"Saw Natalia’s pics and was intrigued. She has that exotic quality that I like! I was also interested in the Tantric aspect she was offering. Contacted her and set up an appointment to see her. Arrived at her location and she let me in.

I was initially taken aback… She was more attractive than I expected, especially her face, which she conceals in her pictures, for justifiable reasons. When I first met Natalia, she was wearing a red lacy number. She offered me a snack and a glass of wine and we chatted for a bit. She is very intelligent and funny! She put me at ease pretty quickly. Her Oakland space is discreet & upscale and parking was a non-issue. Overall, Natalia went above and beyond. Her personality and style were the best I've had. This is not a rushed body rub. She made me feel like I’m the most important person in her life!"
~MT, March 2016




"When I met her at the door of her very nice place, she stunned me from head to toe. She was dressed in a sensual silky robe. She was warm and sensual in her greeting. Her looks are stunning. She has black hair, and a beautiful face she does not show on her website (which is fine). She has a nice, curvy body. From the beginning her pace was slow, sweet and sensual. You need to go with her pace, and know this is a tantric massage. If you work with her on this, you will not be disappointed. I love the experience because there is nothing more sensual than this."
~ SP, 2015




"This is the second time I saw Natalia since my birthday event…at which time I was looking for something special which I found in Natalia. What a beautiful woman with all the grace of a mature lady (not in age) rather than some 20 something that struggles with a conversation. Given it was my birthday I selected the 90 minute Tantra session as it was new to me … WOW I am really glad I did. If you are looking for a FBSM she is an all-natural beauty that is not to be missed."
~HM 2014




"I met with Natalia during her brief visit to Chicago for a 2 hour tantra massage session. Natalia blends eroticism, sensuality and intimate touch into a wonderful concoction of pleasure. She is a striking beauty, wonderful olive skin and jet black hair. Being white, I found her looks to be very exotic and exciting. I would highly recommend Natalia and look forward to her return to Chicago!"
~ YEATH(2014)




Natalia is outstanding professional CMT/FBSM/TANTRA practitioner and I am so happy to have found her. Natalia exudes a sexy and outright amazing personality from the minute you walk in the door. Natalia immediately put me at ease during our pre-massage conversation before we got started. I was pretty much lost in her eyes and personality before I even got to the massage table. I'm pretty sure that I just floated to the massage table after our conversation, because I don't remember actually walking over there. ~ MIKUSU(2014)




"Natalia is beautiful and exotic, and creates a sacred environment to relax and experience her amazing CMT, FBSM and Tantra skills. I have seen her twice, once in her beautiful East Bay space and once in her very attractive and easily accessible downtown location. Her massage skillS are among the best I have ever experienced, and a session with her will leave you completely inspired and fulfilled".




"OMG Natalia is super sweet, funny, beautiful and sensuous, quickly putting me at ease in the confines of a beautiful condo. She greeted me in a gauzy robe, and a nice hug. Such a sweet face with incredible long black hair. She loves to chat prior to service, and guided me toward a really special, sensuous, tantric experience."
~BG (2013)









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